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Masta Edwards was born in Suffolk, Virginia. At the age of nine, they moved to New York, New York. By 1975 he moved to Los Angeles, California where he resides to this day. After four decades of refining his crafts as a lead vocalist, songwriter, band leader, mentor, motivator, and teacher Masta has truly mastered his skills fully.  He has earned his accolades with the best and brightest in the music industry. Masta has performed with the likes of Norman Brown, Don Covay, Seal, Scott Henderson, Thelma Houston, Mandrill, Keb Mo, Preston Glass, and LTD just to name a few.
Though he has recorded with numerous artists and record labels he currently resides with Uniglobal Records. His current releases “No Tears In Your Eyes” and “Misconception” in recent weeks have been moving up the international record pool charts weekly. The balladeer of crowners Masta can get with the best of them, particularly with his tribute to the later Curtis Mayfield’s “Super Fly Soundtrack”.

In 2022 Edwards joined the former Motown singing group Sly, Slick, & Wicked, which is now based in California. Masta is also traveling the club circuit, and still recording with reputable producers throughout the United States.


Masta Edge Of Soul - No More Tears In Your EyesMASTA
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