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“Masta” is a World Class entertainer and one of the most sought after vocalist performing all varieties of music. Classic standards to today’s chart topping hits and everything in between. 
“Masta” is also available for Weddings & Private Parties. Take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with the sounds of “MASTA and The Edge Of Soul”!
“Masta and the Edge of Soul” is true live entertainment not to be missed…


Don't Walk Away From Me

"Dont Walk Away"


Does a Dramatic Guy become intrigued after meeting a delicious
treat and she follows him back to his “Man Cave” for some special
sports? Does the morning after trigger thoughts of needing more and
more? Does he mentally compute which way did she go afterwards?
“Don’t Walk Away,” sung by Masta (Edge of Soul) Edwards with
his straight-to-your ears vocal entrapment style, unravels the story.
First, let’s think … who was this intriguing woman? Does she have
someone else? Did she really enjoy the encounter? Is she thinking
about me like I’m thinking about her? What did I do wrong to make
her walk away?!!!

The song “Don’t Walk Away” was written by Jay A. Blakey and
produced by Felton Pilate with Preston Glass (recording all vocals)
opened up the trail to enter the brains of your listeners with a twisting
groove and dynamic horn arrangement.
What is the objective of The Dynamic Quartet of Music Pioneers
– Masta, Jay, Felton, and P.G. – Do they plan to stay inside your head
about this whole adventure, or let it marinate? The answer you’ve
been waiting for is…

And, they also SHALL RETURN!

Masta (Edge of Soul) Edwards – Vocalist + all background voices
Jay Blakey – Songwriter
Felton Pilate – Producer
Preston Glass – Recorded All Vocals
Sterling Davis – Video Innovator
Special Thanks to:
Antoinette Genesis, V. Johnson and John David Givhan

Destination Ecstasy

Destination Ecstasy

Once upon a time when an unrequited love found a path to be rekindled, thesong “Destination Ecstasy” inked by Jay A. Blakey and Masta Edwards begins explaining to you what took place and how it happened.
Scene One:
(Platinum Garage Recording Studio)
Preston Glass (The World’s Greatest Producer) was right there while Masta
(Edge of Soul) Edwards’ voice hopped up out of his mouth like an exorcism
was taking place. As Masta begins vocalizing, spokalizing, and verbalizing
this earful of love language the story of two reconnected lovers begins to
unfold. But, wait…there’s more!

Scene Two:
The Hot Lick Horn Specialist (Fernando Harkless) showed up with three or more instruments in his hands blasting away with Horns on Fire and not
leaving any spare space in the music stanzas. He was emulating a medical cure for any ailment. This song’s cosmic reunion of this Production Team back together again felt the earth shake like the 1994 L.A. earthquake.

The Second Story about Destination Esctacy
The song “Destination Ecstasy’s” verbal idea and
music concept performed by Masta (Edge of Soul)
Edwards has multiple levels of musical greatness.
What the lyrics say, how the song arrangement
plays out and the vocal gymnastics from the well-
trained voice of Masta, (uttered throughout the song) keeps the listeners glued to their chairs!
Jay A. Blakey and Masta Edwards (Songwriters)
and Preston Glass (Producer) incorporated the
sensational Fernando Harkless on all horns, capturing the full effervescence of this marvelous presentation.
The video storyline shows you how Love can be
reunited – remember “No Tears in Your Eyes” when Masta and Antoinette broke up and went their separate ways? Well, the heart is a profound organ playing tricky maneuvers with your mind and soul. Just look at what transpired in these two songs and videos!
Uniglobalrecords wants you to watch, listen and
enjoy this song, and then send us a message letting us know your thoughts. Did this actually occur between M and A in real life or are these two songs and two videos being portrayed by two excellent actors?

You Decide…

Uniglobalrecords Thanks: Sir Worldwide (video photographer); Antione
Banks (video edit master); V. Johnson and Special Appearance by 
Antoinette Genesis.
Masta “Edge of Soul” Edwards

Vocalist + all background voices
Jay Blakey + Masta Edwards – Songwriters
Preston Glass – Producer
Fernando Harkless – All Instruments
(saxophone, flute + horns)
Sir Worldwide – Video Shooter
Antione Banks – Video Editor
V. Johnson – Musical Innovator
Antoinette Genesis – Special A

"No Tears In Your Eyes"

                NO TEARS IN YOUR EYES

The tale of “No Tears in Your Eyes” is a true story! Masta (Edge of Soul) Edwards begins talking about the journey of this unrequited love affair with determined lyrics and a magical voice that grabs you.

The spiel of what happened in this life experience was sent to your ears by Masta with a melodic whisper that captivates your senses and spell-bounds your mind. From a warm summer’s day to a cold winter’s night, the story of this relationship took a magic ride and then collapsed like a fold-up chair and ends abruptly with “No Tears in Your Eyes.” Has this ever happened to you? Do you feel two people can meet and then separate just like in this song? If so, fill in the blanks …

Uniglobalrecords sends a shout out to all the music appreciation people of the world, can you imagine this?

The “usual amazing suspects” have come back together again. With all these talented musical geniuses standing on the floor at the same place/same time, the floor had to give in!

Music Lovers – please call the EMS truck!

Masta (Edge of Soul) Edwards - Singer;

Felton Pilate – Producer and Musical Arranger;

Preston Glass – Producing Vocals at Platinum Garage Studios;

Jay Blakey and Masta Edwards – Songwriters; Fernando Harkless - Saxophones;
Antione Banks - Videographer. 

Special thanks to Antoinette Genesis,
V. Johnson and G. Peeples.

Uniglobalrecords truly appreciates and loves all of its contributors!

One Kind Of Love



The magic of Masta voice and the titillating style of how he delivers the lyrics of this song has returned him to get you again. The track of this song written by Ricardo “Rickey” Scales and the words placed on them by Jay A. Blakey was an invitation for Masta to jump inside your head and take you for another beautiful music ride.


After Nolan Shaheed agreed to come onboard to produce and engineer the recording, the trap was set and then Masta “Edge of Soul” without stopping plunged into the abyss of generating a world class piece of great music once more.


Uniglobal Records thanks all the cast of great musicians and song writers that participated in making this hit record.


Masta – lead vocal and all background voices


Ricardo “Ricky” Scales – all music and instrumentation


Jay A. Blakey – Lyrics


Nolan Shaheed – Producer and Engineer

"Gave it All Up For LOVE"

When a Great piece of music is written and listening ears are invaded with its attack on them.


A doctors prescription may be needed to snap those ears, mind and soul out of a trance! Music is the wonderment of the world, whether its Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rap, Country and Western, Opera, Classic, or Pop! All these genres has its own identity and its music lovers following.


The most main fact of music still remains the listening ear. Be it a all instrumental, a singing vocal with a harmonic music structure or just talking your way thru a song. The ears are the most important part to be captured.


This song "I gave it all up for Love " has all the componets to nab your music taste buds, cross you over from your prefered music genre and take you on a roller coaster ride with it. This song is extremly well written with a great story line, and the music is a masterful groove matching everything being said. The marvelous part of this splendid material came when the singing song stylist "MASTA" hit you with his musical genius of phrasing words! Listen to this song and see for yourself. Thank you, Uniglobal Records


This Love Affair

From all over the world you can hear shouts coming from parched dry throats asking “WHAT IS A “LOVE AFFAIR”?


They ask, is it some kind of disease like catching a cold virus or flu? Can someone be stalking you to borrow money? Do you need to file some charges with the police department to protect yourself?


“This Love Affair” the song written by Jay A. Blakey and produced by Preston Glass came to the rescue. “Masta” the smooth message vocalist explained what a love affair really is.


He told the story thru each careful frame, leaving no doubt of a love affair beautiful, meaningful intent. He let you know nothing could ever compare. He let you know when you are taken into someone arms love can become complete, and he let you know you could never know just what it means until it happens to you.


Thanks, to the production of this song by the THREE AMIGO’S: (Jay, Preston, and Masta “Edge of Soul”) this world has become a better place. END OF STORY


“I Never Knew"

                   “I NEVER KNEW”

is a marvelous interesting story to be told!


People all around the World have encountered a touch of love and most of them are very cautious because they know


“Love ain’t no joke”

Like bad weather of “THUNDER AND LIGHTNING” some people feel that love rolls the same way.




So don’t hesitate get your ticket and don’t miss the ROLLER COASTER…..





Thank You:

Masta Edge of Soul (vocalist)

Nolan Shaheed (producer)

Jay A Blakey & K.C. Tyson (song writers)

“Espionage to Sabotage”

The theme of this song
“Espionage to Sabotage” is about a guy who has fallen deep off the “edge of a cliff” for a devastating lovely young lady !
Romantic enhancements and attractions moves this man in a mysterious cycle of actions because he’s not sure about the way he feels! Can she be trusted with his heart???
Now he begins to follow her every move!!
While acts of espionage start with curious passion and unrelentless secretive pursuit it’s later proven that he has not seen or caught his “eye ball candy delight” doing any mischievous activities! But still he has a suspious mind and finds it very hard to trust the situation!
Should he sabotage and abort???
Suspicion becomes a hurt heart – Sometimes your friend can become your enemy!!!
Think about this!

Now you can only keep that friend and stay with them somehow!

"Keep Her, Keeping All of Her"

This song has major information to digest.


Only a person that feels this chronic attraction for another can understand this song. All other listeners began to embrace it because of the “Exciting Melody”!


All vocals sung by Masta Edwards.

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and Baritone Sax by Nolan Shaheed.


Guitars by Craig T Cooper.


Song written by Jay A. Blakey.


Produced by Nolan Shaheed.


Special Thanks to Karla Alfonso Smith.

Awesome...A WE SO ME 

                        THIS IS AWESOME !!!
                          A We So Me

This is A word that WE all must acknowledge that’s SO at the forefront of ME, and for all of those who believe we are one, “It’s Awesome”!

I submit that the word AWESOME encompasses the state of being that we all should belong. I see the importance of everyone’s well being wrapped up in this word. What should we do to take care of the homeless ? What does it take to make sure no one goes hungry ? What is it going to take to find the love we all need for one another to sustain the best rewards for ALL?

Of course there are many factors involved with all of this. GREED is number 1, and those who are haters of a particular race is secondary. Let’s come to the table with dialog to understand how we can get to a better place together. I would say that any man, or woman wants the best for their family. Why wouldn’t you want that for every family? Why wouldn’t everyone do all that they can to make all families better?

Look into the eyes of a small child. When they smile, you only feel the joy of a beautiful life. That’s not just your child, my child, or just any child of any race in particular. It’s just the innocence of the child itself. I challenge all of us to search, and dig deep down in our existence to find the heart, soul and integrity of oneness to do the right thing that is best for everyone !!

No matter your race, belief of a religion or whether you are a man or woman. We, as people, are capable of so many extraordinary things !

Why can’t we get PEACE and LOVE right? Or why would we choose not too? I once lived on 29 FAITH ROAD in a city far away. I have lived my life continually on that route!

I ask you, to join me in the travel of Life on this path of Faith Road throughout eternity. That would be AWESOME !! A WE SO ME 🏾️

Songwriter- Producer-Publisher “Masta”: Edge of Soul

Recording Engineer- Mix and Editing: Larry Antonino

Executive Producer - Uniglobal Records

Musicians: Masta Edge of Soul - Lead vocal and all background 

Horn Arrangements - Masta and Keith McKelley
James Manning

Bass;  Land Richards - Drums;

Scott Parker - Guitar and Solo Guitar;

Marc Hugenberger - Keys and Organ;

Walter Rodriquez - Percussions;

Keith McKelley - Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophones

What am I

supposed to do 

Something Isn't Right / True Lies


 Our Desire 



                Pirate for the Treasure


Being a Pirate ain’t easy:

Long John Silver and Captain Blue Beard the pirates stole gold and sunk other ships, but they never captured any love from their looting! Masta the great song stylist had other pirate plans! With his great vocal power of smooth silver lined melodic delivery. He painted the total picture of what to capture. Sending a strong message out to all potential love bandits, he convinced them that to sail on a snatch and grab mission, you should do it all for love,



Jay A.  Blakey, the song writer and Preston Glass, the producer set this love acquisition scene up very carefully. As the story line joined the music putting wind in the sails of this marvelous tale. This groove went on to the battle front!!!.

Uniglobal Records sends a warm thank you to all the creators and contributors of this very interesting piece of work, and now,

Let the raids begin!


​Misconception can Be-fuddle a State of Mind!!


When you have love for another and it has imprisoned your heart and soul. Misconception can lead you in a different Path!! This powerful piece of music sung by “Masta” written by Jay A. Blakey and produced by Preston Glass carries you into the catacombs of a music experience that can awaken your spirit from bad bondage.

So as you start riding thru that mental air space hollering.

“Come here, Come here”

And the waves of love engulf you from your insides out, your eyes may pop wide open with Glee!

   The next attack that’s lurching out there for you may bombard your senses thru your listening power!! This mad sonic ear invasion could easily without warning cause you a mental explosion to grab and dance with that other person you want so much and more. Having these magnificent feeling you share with that other, will then cease and desist any misbelief, or “Misconception”

And, the other person won’t look over shoulders again!!

"I Keep on Coming Back"

​        An amazing collaboration of music occurred when this marvelous song “I Keep on Coming Back” was created and finalized!! You may have experienced and listen to a piece of music history from yesterday, today, and tomorrow when all of these periods of time were brought together, such as this song has done.

“Masta” the Song Stylist “Jay A. Blakey” the Song Writer, “Nolan Shaheed” Master Arranger and Producer, “Wanda Ray Willis” Vocalist and Video Vixen, and “Felton Pilate” Arranger, Background Vocals and Extreme Mixologist.


When this combination of music sensations got together it was “Boom Pow right in the Kisser” a knock-out punch. The conversation of the lyrics talking to you, the Horn Section, the Beautiful String Arrangements and everything you can hear in a song spoke to you from the past, present and future, giving your musical taste buds complete satisfaction!! 


Uniglobal Records wants to thank everyone who helped with this Beautiful Masterpiece!!, They put this Record Label back in the lime light with this well executed music, and that is an honor!!

Lets’ stay together and do it again.




Ellis Hall is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso who possesses a vocal style that commands attention in its diversity and depth. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Ellis moved to Boston at the age of five, where he began his musical career, and has been on a direct course for success ever since.

His first release as a solo artist was a version of the Motown smash from the 60's "Every Little Bit Hurts." His talents were showcased nationally and internationally with the Ellis Hall Group, opening for many top performers such as the Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, Herbie Hancock, the Spinners and Natalie Cole.

Ellis was featured as lead vocalist on the debut hit single, "What Does it Take," from the Kenny G. multi-platinum "Duotones" album & joined the soul-stirring hit group Tower of Power, as the lead vocalist and keyboardist, culminating that stint with his co-production and song-writing prowess on their album, "Power."


He had enormous success as one of the California Raisins with their platinum album, "The California Raisins Sing the Hit Songs," and a gold album, "Christimas With the California Raisins."

He has also lent his vocals and/or performed with such diverse artists as James Taylor, Warren Hill, George Duke, Michael Sembello, Huey Lewis and the News, Bo Diddley, Taj Mahal, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Kimball and ToTo, Jason Scheff of Chicago, Bobby Womack, James Ingram and Stevie Wonder.

Adding to his credits are a series of movie and television soundtracks as well as a variety of International radio and television jingles. He appeared in the award winning ABC TV show, "The Wonder Years"; performed vocals in "New York Undercover", Fox TV; "NYPD Blue", ABC TV; "Hercules", a Disney feature film; "Lion King II", Disney Home Video; DreamWorks animated feature film, "Chicken Run", singing the title track "Flip, Flop and Fly";


On screen as the organist in "Big Momma's House", with Martin Lawrence, a 20th Century Fox feature film; singing on screen in a scene with Tom Hanks in the Steven Spielberg movie by DreamWorks, "Catch Me If You Can", and his current films, "Bruce Almighty", Universal, "A Day Without A Mexican", Universal/BMG and "Polar Express", Warner Bros.


In 2003, for Camille Cosby's New Visionary Leadership Project honoring Mr. Ray Charles, Ellis performed "You Don't Know Me" at the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. Ellis has also performed at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Millennium Stage, for his Leadership in Arts and Disability. He also performed a salute to Ray Charles at the Kennedy Center Honors Week-end.

A Touch Of Love

A Touch of Love 2.png

          A TOUCH OF LOVE

After the recording session was finished and Wanda Ray Willis had placed the background vocals on it.  


I was in the studio trimming the fat off the song “A Touch of Love” with Nolan Shaheed the producer.  I sat and watched this little genius Nolan take the vocals and turn it into a legible listening piece of material.  The music tracks were organized so cleverly the Funk Brothers said this about Motown Records music:    


“The tracks could’ve had Donald Duck sing it and it would still be a hit”.


To organize and record a music track yourself and then take the lead vocal and back ground vocal and blend them together afterwards requires a Quincy Jones big ear.  Mr. Shaheed proved his worth doing just that right in front of me.  Only a few musicians, producers and engineers in the industry have these skills and talents.  Don’t take my word for it order the original tracks from Uniglobal Records and see for yourself what “Magic” he performed.  


Jay A. Blakey

Lead Vocal: Jay A. Blakey

Written by: Jay A. Blakey and Kenneth Tyson

Background Vocals: Wanda Ray Willis

Horns by Nolan Shaheed

Arranged, Produced and Engineered by Nolan Shaheed

Filmed by Desmond White



"My Darling Baby"

The Lyrics of this song was like writing an expose speech to all love ones explaining why voice noises were being heard in their ears, and the need to be close and near to one another was a heavenly gift!

Those listening ears that have been invaded by the words of this kind of love, and the heartbeat sound of someone you care about being next to you, started couples holding hands in public places again! Thank you, “My Darling Baby”.

Felton Pilate was the music scientist that created the menacing hypnotic groove that spark the fire of “My Darling Baby”

“Then The Crazed Brain” - HOT BEAT JUNKIES got a whiff of this new release and without notice immediately jump into the mix and wouldn’t or couldn’t be still. THEY NEEDED THEIR MUSIC MEDICINE!!!


“My Darling Baby”.
The ultimate combination of words and a groovy bounce slapped together as a music up beat counter attack injection, was the final fix.

Now we have recovered fiends, victims that needed good music listening power!! (Grammy Award Winner Felton Pilate did it again!).

UNIGLOBAL RECORDS gives thanks to Felton Pilate and Jay A. Blakey for their Great Collaboration.


Why babY ARTWORK (1).png

  This song “Why Baby” was born from a disastrous experience that many men have shared with their main squeeze.  Suspicion often jumps into the brain of that main squeeze who sees her fly-guy on the stroll around a nest of cuties.  This lingering damage to her psyche often causes her to take off and run like a scalded dog with wounded feelings.

Now, let me tell you about the other side of the coin…

Women who stalk the fly-guy to peel the sweet taste of a capture move like hawks flying down from the sky.  Without any remorse or pity for the other woman whose man they seek, they go in with claws slapping and beaks snapping until they seize their prey….

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…

What do you think happened in this story after listening to the song and watching the video?


Be sure to send your comments and subscribe to:


Performed by Jay Blakey & Felton Pilate

Written by Jay Blakey & Felton Pilate

Produced and Arranged by Felton Pilate

Video by D. White & Felton Pilate

Edited by Antione Banks

Johnny C. Cooper


          You Said You Love Me!

Uniglobal Records welcome’s to its music dynasty of all-star hit maker’s the new and exciting Singer, Song writer and Musician 

             “Johnny C. Cooper”

Mr. Cooper’s single release:


       “You Said You Love Me”.

Has the magic of good rhythm, classic innovation and impeccable style that Preston Glass production skills honed to a sharp edge. See for yourself that this song is remarkable music that will grab you till you move and groove, slip and slide, peep and hide, and you won’t know what hit you. So without further ado He…’s Johnny

Song written by: 
Johnny Cooper and Shirley Cooper
Produced by: Preston Glass


Motown Maurice Wrap Festival Winner

NAACP Best Solo Show Award Nominee

BMA" Black Music Awards Nominee.

Vocalist, Actress, Writer, Musician, Dancer.


"I Got to be Strong"

​​​​​​What do you do when you are all alone while following your dreams and goals?


You keep pursuing your destiny in spite of all the barriers you might face!

Sometimes a special person when certain moments occur will come into your life and voluntarily give you the unconditional love, support and comfort you may want and need.


“If you just let them In”

This Song, “I Got to Be Strong”, written by Wanda Ray Willis and
arranged by Grammy Award winning Felton Pilate, has all the
convincing elements of soothing, and enticing you to depend on
someone during your life’s journey! The sultry Pop R&B Ballad duet featuring Felton Pilate on vocals and his “monster music arrangements”


On the song, let Wanda and Felton’s voice blend with searing
togetherness in this pulsating sensuous piece of beautiful material.

This song also has an Up Tempo Steppers Dance Version that reveals
Wanda’s rap artist skills and Felton’s Mad hot groovy licks that captures
your feet and makes you hop on the dance floor. Then hypnotically,
the tantalizing beat of the music moves you to sing along while listening
to Wanda’s hearty vocal inflections of a fantastic melody.
Felton Pilate, has an extensive tract record of recording, Performing and
Grammy award winning victories. Now Feltons Work on both versions
of this further demonstrates his amazing and innumerable talents!!!

Uni-Global Records welcomes to its label Wanda, the first female artist and this
outstanding production. Thank you, now
Let the World Enjoy” !!!
"Remember all goodbyes ain't gone" !!!




“To Live a Life without inner peace is damaging to your soul”

The song “Look up to God for Love” is a message with splendid
vocals and music pointing you in the right direction to escape the
perilous vicious trap of no love in your heart!


This beautiful melody describes a road of redemption available to
those that realize the need to change a wounded presence.


It tells you that no single person - man, women or child can walk thru fire and hot
coals living a completely unhappy and pitiful existence. Through this music it offers you a better path!!

All the blessed listening ears whom have partaken upon the magic of
this song, have bespoken that once you have embraced the music
and words of this very emotional hot gospel hit record a new and
beautiful calm can come your way with a peace of one’s self, and
a joy that you can share with others.
Thank you to all the contributors of this marvelous piece of work.

Uniglobal Records

Cry  And  Hide

Wanda Ray Willis

Life on the rolling treadmill of any relationship normally goes up and down and all around and where it stops no- one knows.

It has been proven there are miracles, tradgedys, happy times, sad times,  joyful moments and plenty of memories because


"Stories of  LOVE" can be many things!


No one can take away what is built between a real love attachment because love connections always travel thru the mind, the body, the soul and the heart and holds it's course till the end.


The words and music of the song

"Cry and Hide" basically decribes what happens in these types of love circumstances, and without fail the artist "Wanda Ray Willis" used her exhilirating voice, and  magnificent talent of phrasing a song to transmit the action of what this story had to say.

Collabrating once again with producer extraordinaire "Preston Glass", and "Jay Blakey" the song writer.  The true story of love and it's mysteries has been unveiled once more.


"Listen to this song pick your moments, and ride it out".

Uniglobal Records give special thanks to "Michael "Spyderman Robinson" and "Ricardo Scales" for their contribution to this masterpiece.

"With You I Can See"

Wanda Ray Willis

Preston Glass - Producer, Master Music Arranger and Wanda Ray Willis - Singer, Song Writer Merged their Collective Powerful Skills together and created the song "With You I Can See"


This very unique piece of work will astound your mind from start to finish, because the track has

1) Preston Glass arrangements

2) Wanda Ray Willis singing

3) A devilish bass line

4) Menacing "Live Horns", and

5) A Grooving Guitar that melted together to trick your ears!

Is it Jazz?......... Is it Pop ?........ Is it R & B ?

All the flavors of each sensational categories of hot music genres exist in this amazing hit presentation with

"No Holds Barred",


So UniGlobal Records defies each and every listener to "Name That Tune" !!!

Send us a shout back, and which ever category gets the most votes WINS !!!


Special Thanks to:

Reggie Waddell - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Sax


Darryl Darden - Rhythm and Lead Guitar


                            Can’t Sleep

Uniglobal Records has once again travelled into a magical music adventure with songwriter
“Jay A. Blakey” and producer “Preston Glass”.

This new body of work was conceived and constructed for the song-singing sensation 
“Mr. Larney “Dapper” Johnson lll” 
Without any hesitation he pounced on this song with love and excitement and took this smash hit to another place and time! The high range melodic lyrical delivery “Dapper” exposed to us never stopped grooving with its heart snatching sound. Then it became soothing to the soul like magic in the air. 
Uniglobal Records gives great thanks to Mr. Larney “Dapper” Johnson lll for setting a steady course of delight to our world of music lovers.

Song written by:
Jay A. Blakey
Produced by:
Preston Glass
Background vocals by:
Horns by: Reggie Waddell

"Sorry is A Sorry Word"

When the pulse beat of a hurting heart is not happy, pain often shows up at his door.


The lyrics sung by Mr. Larney "Dapper" Johnson III tell the story of what is going on with this illustrator's acceptance of love's hurt and disappointments.


Then as the song grooved more and more with sax playing yelps, background singing shouts and violin chirping cries of agony. We knew a desperate tale of love appeared before our eyes and ears!! This gut wrenching beat and bounce of well performed music continued to drive the heart wrenching chest pain feeling out in the open for the world to see. We knew without shame....... "No lie was told".

Sorry is a Sorry word!! Uniglobal Records says thanks to a well assembled cast: Preston Glass, Jay A. Blakey, Lila Hood, Reggie Waddell,
Wanda Ray Willis and the speaker of the house, Larney "Dapper" Johnson III.
"Remember all goodbyes ain't gone" !!!

   Larney “Dapper Johnson

I Just want you love art work

An amazing event happened in Uniglobal Records Journey though beautiful music land.


This song written by Jay A. Blakey and Kenneth “KC” Tyson was produced by “Masterful Genius” Mr Preston Glass.


When Mr. Glass hopped on this song like a frog wearing army boots, the song trak came out of the sky like a guided missile. It was doomsday that had arrived for your mind and ears. THEY HAD TO SURRENDER. Larney “Dapper” Johnson the outstanding lead vocal sensation is no secret working with this team of “Hit Makers”. He came and did what he always does. He sang the song and put love in it.


Thank you “Dapper” As the Mystery began to unfold and a new voice appeared in the studio and sung all the background vocals, we were stunned to hear for the first time


“Gemia Burns”. What a voice ! What a talent! What a great singer! One of Maestro Preston Glass well kept secret weapons.


This song “ I Just Want Your Love'' has the game plan to set you in motion and let you dance the night away. Good music, good vocals, good lyrics are hard to find but when you do, “Oops upside your head” happens and you can enjoy yourself. We want to give our most deep regards to Mr. Felton Pilate for using another amazing talents he has in his repertoire. He provided his remarkable video editing skills to complete the total picture of this song.


Preston Glass, Felton Pilate two amazing producers and arrangers working on the same song in different capacities. Uniglobal Records Said


Hit records and Hit video Time!


The energy of one word has the significant controlling power to guide you into many directions!!

All the music in the world that you hear comes from life’s circumstances one way or another! Its ideas and happenings are the mother and father of each and every song you hear. When music is shared with others they will listen and hear the message of what it has to say to them, and respond accordingly. 

Once your ears are bent back from listening to a song, and your mind starts to twirl from being exposed to a beat with language that grabs you, the effect then becomes personalized!!

More often than not while listening to a song your mood can light up from pain or pleasure from another moment you had in your life.  Or you could then conjure up a new life encounter that you wish to have come your way like magic. That’s when the doors of your mind and soul fly open so you can start a new adventure, building a fresh dream.

This subliminal melody was constructed by JAY A. BLAKEY, and produced by PRESTON GLASS for a new singing voice that wandered into the UNIGLOBAL RECORDS LABORATORY!


The new lyrical tongue and tonsil mechanic that came to us. Wrapped his voice, heart, and soul around this melodic beast of a song “Don’t” and introduced himself.


Thank you, Mr. Gerald “Vegas” Simmons  



we still here cover.png




Music, Music, Music is everywhere, it is a part of the fiber of living in this world. 


The amazing aspect of some particular songs (instrumental or vocal) is after you hear the first note and listen to the song until the end you will remember the beat and sing the words for days later.

This song “We’re Still Here” has that captivating Power!

The hypnotic magical hot grooves and language coordinated kill of this song fits together like fingers in a glove. These two powerful combinations has the pounce on you strength of an elephant wearing M. J.’s gym shoes.

The horn sounds and in between drops of the rhythm guitar licks waiting in the cracks, can penetrate your skull like an electric drill.  They punch your intelligence button into a big fun mode and drive you into a maniac trance.


People who dance the night away like heathens twist their ankles with this music monster and will need a shower towel after the first two minutes.  The chair dancers who sit still will swing and swivel their heads until they get muscle cramps in their shoulders and necks, and music listeners will play this blazing beast over and over and over.

Felton Pilate has done it again!!!

Uniglobal Records said that!  

Bobb'e J Thompson


Bobb'e J Thompson first single of his musical discovery; fusing rap with the old school soul of the 70's, 80's and 90's, featuring Ollie Woodson (former lead singer of the Temptations) vocal stylings, capturing the heart felt emotions of Bobb'e smooth lyrical rap style.


“When I Think Of You”

image0 (1).jpeg

Uniglobal Records proudly presents to you a very interesting, exciting and unique vocal talent “GEMIA BURNS”.


The song “When I Think of You” soundtrack was only a pulse beat until this brilliant song bird dropped her lyricaly, sensational voice on it. Telling the story of love while mesmerizing and tillalating your sense of delicious listening pleasure she set in motion a spellbinding grasp on you from the first sound of her voice.


After constructing numerous tasty pieces of music together Jay Blakey the Song Writer and Preston Glass the Producer and Arranger of this marvelous piece of music history stare off into space           from “Gemia Burns” magnificent delivery of this song, and its story.


The new question now is, which one of those gentlemen above had prior knowledge of this outstanding talent GEMIA BURNS but was reluctant to unleash this velvety melodic vocal technician on the world ?  This same gentleman is also concealing the identity of the    

masterful horn player of the “SAX SOLO”.  


Who is that GENTLEMAN ? Who is the SAXOPHONE AND FLUTE PLAYER ? Why did he try to hide Gemia Burns? 


That leaves a lot for the musical world to discover about this song. 


CONTACT : UNIGLOBAL RECORDS - uniglobalrecords@

With your answers !

Performed By: Gemia Burns - lead vocals - all backgrounds voices


Song written by: Jay A. Blakey


Produced and arranged by: Preston Glass


Video conceived by: Desmond White 


Saxophone and Flute Participation by: A Great Instrumentalist. 

Dyson The Singer

JAY CD COVER_4.75x4.75.jpg

Whenever any music lover is asked what they listen for in a song, you might get this from them: A Good Soundtrack. A Mind Boggling Groove. Verses that connect together. Great Vocalist, etc, etc. Well all of the above and more is found here!

The late great Ollie Woodson sung this masterpiece written by Jay A. Blakey & Kenneth Tyson and produced by the Maestro Preston Glass years earlier as a solo artist. The original version of this marvelous piece of material was put in a Uniglobal Records time capsule for memorable posterity sake, until recently. When Ktron Records (Annette Hornsby & K.T Taylor) wanted the amazing singing talent Howard “Dyson The Singer” Tate to re-record this beautiful melodic song
“Love at the Same Time”as a duet with “Ollie” and redo history. 

“The Plan Was Set”! Felton Pilate was asked to take on the task to produce and arrange this new version by blending the voices of these two great singers and create an uptempo groove with brain damaging explosions, Thus he did!! “Pow” you got socked! Felton Pilate has struck again.

Uniglobal Records feels very blessed to work with superstar producers Preston Glass and Felton Pilate and we thank them both for making this record label a great music adventure. We now open our hearts to give you “World Listeners” the duet with “Dyson The Singer” and the late great “Ollie Woodson” Rest in Peace “Ollie Woodson” Always in our Hearts
Sept 11, 1951-- May 30, 2010

 "Louis''N Demand'' Clark
Ft Fernando Harkless

"Keep It Right"

A lot of people listen to music but often times they do not hear the music until a monster piece of work like “Keep It Right” comes out of the music box and grabs them.

Jay A. Blakey (the Songwriter), and Preston Glass (the Producer) pushed another beast of lyrical and musical sensation into the face of these folks…. “But they were not alone…”

The Las Vegas Showrooms Star, Mr. Louis “N Demand” Clark heard about these two gentlemen’s song “Keep It Right” and without hesitation skipped over the state line to get to the Los Angeles Laboratory Platinum Garage.

Mr. Clark’s singing and stage performance in Las Vegas for 20+ years with his self-anointed group “N Demand” was well known, so when he came to Los Angeles and hopped on the song “Keep It Right” with the velocity of a mad dog frothing at the mouth, he was welcomed! Preston Glass, the Magic Man producer said,

“Let’s add a little sweetener to this magic moment” and up pops another piece of this amazing puzzle.

Fernando Harkless, the saxophone and flute phenom, with very interesting singing and dancing abilities showed up and bullied his way into the picture. You can hear in this song some of the hottest chorus horn licks and saxophone solo announcements that tender little ears have ever heard! Now, what? Between these four (4) names mentioned above, UNIGLOBAL RECORDS has nothing else to say.

Thank you, Jay A. Blakey (Songwriter) Preston Glass (Producer and Arranger) Louis “N Demand” Clark (All Vocals) Fernando Harkless (All Horn Parts) Oooops….almost forgot… Sharp Shooter (Video Man) Antione Banks (The Edit Master) 


Fernando Harkless

Intoxicating Woman

Intoxicating Woman artwork.png
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The powerful thoughts that go through the mind behind seeing another, liking another, wanting another, going for a “snatch and grab” of another person for yourself does exist… in some, more than others.


When the beastility of animal awareness flies out from inside an enamored soul -and they want and desire this other person, all cunning methods, tricks or traps will be used to get them. The girl power skills in this game have proven to be more slick than any other species, (sorry guys).


So as this revelation reveals itself in this song, dig down deep inside your mind and soul and ask, has this happened to you, or have you been guilty of this yourself?


The song “Intoxicating Woman” was birthed through the brains of Jay A. Blakey (Song Writer) and Preston Glass (Producer Extraordinaire) based on female and male encounters that’s exhibited in everyday life right before your eyes.


This duo inked this ‘tell it like it is” story without hesitation. The storyteller, Mr. Fernando Harkless used everything in his dynamic arsenal of musical weapons to explain this tale. Singing this song’s words with his groovin’ phrasing way while using every saxophone and flute in the music store, he popped out this amazing hit record.


Preston Glass’ biggest secret “Gemia Burns” added powerful background vocals to this song that were tossed into “Fernando Harkless” magical music fire flaming a new piece of lyrical mayhem that Uniglobal Records gotta have!

Thank You


Fernando Harkless - Vocals and Saxophones

Gemia Burns - Background Vocals

Jay Blakey - Songwriter

Preston Glass - Producer and Songwriter

Desmond White - Video

Antione Banks - Editor of video

**Special Thanks to V. Johnson

Shantae Townsel

Shantae Townsel Portrait Color_EG3A0752.jpg

Stop, Don't Touch Me There

Stop Dont Touch Me There artwork.jpg

                     "STOP, DON'T TOUCH ME THERE"

"Stop, Don't Touch Me There" - is this a warning yelp from the voice of a victim of mental anguish?


Can "Stop, Don't Touch Me There" be an encouraging murmur between two lovebirds whose "coos" signal the sweet spot destination of each other's passion?


Do you think "Stop, Don't Touch Me There" is a command from a distraught angry person looking for a fight?


Whatever this story builds in your mind from the title and its musical journey, Uniglobal Records declares once you listen to the song composed by Jay A. Blakey, McKinley Jackson and Melvin Steals you will have your own personal definition.


Now, readers and listeners, before you go, let Uniglobal Records take you deeper into this brain beater song "Stop Don't Touch me There."

Did you know this song has a demented psychopathic mind-twist of two
different productions?

- Felton Pilate, the "Dr. Frankenstein" of grooves for Uniglobal
Records, took the skeleton of a corpse and put his special type of
meat on the bones and created a monster that's walking amongst us

- McKinley Jackson, the originator of this mysterious melody had his
plan of operation ready using a smooth groove rendition with
breakdowns and melody shifts. This is out there also, starting

Wait! Uniglobal Records fans and listeners, there is more! Shantae
Townsel added a lead voice of delight to both productions with A.J.
Sparks Studio angels Jamila V. Harris and Tisha King on background
vocals. When Duane Parham, one of Detroit's Saxophonists dropped his
hot licks in the pot, the song "Stop, Don't touch Me There" developed
a final story for you to decide inside your head. WHAT HAPPENED?

Is it Door #1 - Felton Pilate? Door #2 - Mckinley Jackson?

Uniglobal Records sends a Special Love to:
Shantae Townsel - Lead Singer + Background Vocals
Jay A. Blakey -  Mckinley Jackson - Melvin Steals - Songwriters
Felton Pilate - Producer 1 Version + Mckinley Jac
kson - Producer 1 Version
A.J. Sparks - Vocal Arrangements
Jamila V. Harris + Tisha King - Background Vocals
Jennifer Pilate - Background Vocals on 1 Version
V. Johnson- Dancer + Song Coordinator
S. Newkirk - Dancer + Skater
Duane Parham- Saxophonist
Antione Banks- Videographer

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